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Design collaborations 2002-3

Napoleon in Exile

directed by Chris Goode, August 2003

Design for show directed by Chris Goode. Traverse, Edinburgh. Based on Napoleon’s letters from his exile and a true story about an amnesiac trying to find his identity. With Gemma Brockis, Katja Hilevaara Tom Lyall and Greg McLaren.

'There are moments of such intense lyricism, it is like having melting snow dripping down your spine'.

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 6 August, 2003

Past the Line, Between the Land

directed by Chris Goode, Mar 2003   

Design for show directed by Chris Goode and devised by Signal to Noise. Charting the territories of bravery and loss, loneliness and paranoia, and responding to the UK's baleful involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Awkward Position

directed by Rajni Shah, January 2002      

Original design for a performance devised by Rajni Shah, in collaboration with Nic Conibere. The Place, London. Read more here.

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