Emily Orley

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Emily Orley is an artist, researcher and teacher whose work includes performance, installation and art- (or place- or commemorative-) writing. She is interested in exploring ideas to do with memory and mis-memory, maintenance and enchantment, history, heritage and place (and how these all co-exist). As a practitioner-researcher, she is a firm believer in breaking down the false binaries that separate practice and theory, making and thinking and writing about making.

Over the last twelve years, she has often worked in collaboration with artists Katja Hilevaara and Elinor Brass. She currently lectures at the University of Roehampton in the School of Arts, and has degrees from the Wimbledon School of Art and Cambridge and Roehampton Universities. She also trained at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris.

Imagination is what makes us absolutely free and, by extension, absolutely responsible.
Richard Kearney