Emily Orley

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Found Lunatic by Inquisition  
with Elinor Brass
April 2006    

An immersive installation at the Hoxton Distillery,documenting the checkered history of the street, which has been home to poor houses, lunatic asylums, saloon theatres and political dissident groups for centuries.



The Sommar Boken
with Rajni Shah and Katja Hilevaara

A six month project culminating in a small publication proposing a touring theatre production inspired by Tove Jansson?s Sommar Boken (The Summer Book). Commissioned by the Farnham Maltings.


with the Nomadics group
January 2005                              

A large-scale installation at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London. Created in collaboration with the Nomadics group.


June 2004

An immersive installation at the Camden People's Theatre, London. 31 wire columns suspended at intervals transformed the theatre studio into a space between worlds, responding to the urban nature of the site while at the same time suggesting an alternative space, both disorienting and atmospheric. With an evocative soundscape created with theatre and sound artist Chris Goode, Temenos was directly inspired by the Mesquita in Córdoba (Spain) which was converted from a mosque to a cathedral in the thirteenth century.


Napoleon in Exile 
directed by Chris Goode
August 2003                   

Design for show directed by Chris Goode. Traverse, Edinburgh. Based on Napoleon’s letters from his exile and a true story about an amnesiac trying to find his identity. With Gemma Brockis, Katja Hilevaara Tom Lyall and Greg McLaren.

'There are moments of such intense lyricism, it is like having melting snow dripping down your spine'. Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 6 August, 2003

Past the Line, Between the Land
directed by Chris Goode
Mar 2003   

Design for show directed by Chris Goode and devised by Signal to Noise. Charting the territories of bravery and loss, loneliness and paranoia, based in contemporary America. Camden People’s Theatre, London. Part of the Sprint Festival.

The Awkward Position
directed by Rajni Shah
January 2003                

Original design for a performance devised by Rajni Shah, in collaboration with Nic Conibere.The Place, London. 



The Beast Within
June 2002

An immersive installation with sound. Viewers walked down a dark grass and fur-lined corridor to come out in a kitchen through a fridge. Final MA show, Wimbledon School of Art.


maginary Prisons   
August 2001
Co-devised, designed and performed in a show with Angel Exit Theatre, a company founded by former Lecoq students in Paris. Directed by Elena Zucker. Performed at the Edinburgh Festival where it was nominated for a Fringe First Award.

'Angel Exit, a new Jacques Lecoq-trained company, is weaving stories and more than a little theatrical magic in this absurdist fable...there is so much vivid theatricality and inventiveness at work here that I am already looking forward to its next show.'  Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 14 August, 2001


'I can only say, there we have been: but I cannot say where. And I cannot say, how long, for that is to place it in time'.

T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton